Job Skills Entrepreneurship Programme

Providing young people with the support needed to ensure productive vocation paths, not just certificates.

The Bulungula Job Skills and Entrepreneurship Programme (JSEP) addresses the problem of youth who are not able to attain a Matric certificate due to significant gaps in their educational foundations, and Matric graduates from the Bulungula College who wish to gain meaningful work experience and further develop their skillsets. We believe that everyone deserves a chance and that we can find productive paths for all our youth.


The JSEP at the Bulungula College provides access to training and productive vocations for our learners. We have a developed a model through which training courses are brought to the Bulungula College through remote teaching.

We have equipped our campus with televisions and connectivity, using solar energy only, through which the trainer can be streamed into the classroom and the course delivered within the standards of the relevant course SETA. The Bulungula College employs a content specialist to be in the classroom and to guide learners though the learning materials. The course trainer/facilitator does not need to be physically present. This allows for access to learning and teaching of accredited courses in the most remote locations. We also translate course materials, with the permission of the accredited course provider, into the local vernacular.

Learnerships are then leveraged through the YES for YOUTH internship programme which fully funds a year long internship that is hosted by the appropriate Bulungula Incubator programme in agriculture, Early Childhood Development, community health work, and artisanal skills including electrical work, welding, carpentry & plumbing.

JSEP Courses Offered

The JSEP includes accredited courses and skills development that fit within the skill needs of our surrounding areas and the Bulungula Incubator projects and programmes. The model of the JSEP is to develop partnerships that can bring access to relevant accredited courses to remote communities. To this end, we have developed partnerships with Buhle Farmers Academy, Tsiba Ignition Academy and Africa Skills Village for learnerships and apprenticeships.

  • Crop Production (Buhle Farmers Academy)
  • Early Childhood Development (Africa Skills Village/Tsiba Ignition Academy)
  • Artisanal Skills (Africa Skills Village)
  • Learners License (Free Online Apps with support from Bulungula College)
  • Driver’s License (Bulungula College)
  • Digital Literacy Course (Tsiba Ignition Academy) 
  • New Venture Creation (Tsiba Ignition Academy)
  • Soft Skills (various providers)
  • Tourism, Guiding, Guest Experiences, Tourist Products, Home Stay Businesses (Africa Skills Village/Tsiba Accreditation)
  • Business Administration (Tsiba Ignition Academy)

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