95% of our learners never complete Grade 12.

The reasons are obvious: There is no high school in the Xhora Mouth area and there is no functioning scholar transport to any high school or college. Learners who would like to continue beyond Grade 9 have to rent accommodation away from their families and care for themselves, while still young and vulnerable teenagers. Furthermore, the nearest institution that offers Grades 10-12 has consistently had a matric pass rate below 40%. There is one government ‘junior secondary’ school that offers up to Grade 9 in the area.


We believe that

  • Educated and well-cared for children will carry families out of poverty and contribute to a thriving South Africa in the future; AND
  • Everyone deserves access to quality education, not only academically gifted learners.

Instead of focussing on academic ability, we have set our admission criteria as the geographical boundary of the Xhora Mouth Administrative Area. We have taken on the task of building a model for how to get all learners through High School – regardless of their starting point – in a region with the most under-resourced schools in the country.

According to 2015 data collected form schools in the Xhora Mouth Administrative Area.

The Bulungula incubator

The Bulungula College is a project of the Bulungula Incubator – an award winning NGO acting as a catalyst in
the creation of vibrant and sustainable rural communities. Working in partnership with our local community,
traditional leadership and government, providing services and support from conception to career.

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